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Project Screenshot for My EncryptedList Project
  • Vue
  • Airtable
  • VueX
  • Vue Router


EncryptedList is collection of software products & services that offer zero-knowledge or end-to-end encryption.


I'm interested in tools that are private and secure by design, so I wanted to build a full-stack website to catalog software services that are secure by default where people can search, filter, or submit new items.


The first version of the website was static. I created a simple HTML & CSS page with a couple of dropdowns for filtering items. I used a flat JSON file to store the data and JavaScript to fetch the contents of this file to render them on the page. Managing data in a static JSON file was tedious, and this led to the development of the second version.

The second (current) version of EncryptedList is an SPA that uses Vue.js for the UI and Airtable for data. I used serverless functions on Vercel to connect the Airtable API and the UI. I also implemented features such as client-side search, filtering, and form submissions powered by GitHub Issues.

Due to most logic being done on the client-side, the current version of the project has some performance issues. I plan to fix those issues in the next major version of the project by writing more semantic code, utilizing techniques such as SSR, and using less client-side JavaScript.

Tech Stack

  • Frontend: Vue, Vue Router, VueX
  • Backend: Airtable, Serverless Functions
  • Deployment: Vercel


This is my first major Vue project, and as of 2024, it receives thousands of regular visits.

I am currently developing the third version, and I plan to add new features such as pagination, optimized search and sorting, caching, and features suggested by users such as multi-tag filtering.